Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bangladesh Air Force must think for replacement for its Heavy Maintenance Fighters

A recent news report on BAF's fighter fleet maintenance cost showed that they (BAF) used big portion of their annual budget for maintaining operationability of its fighters.

MiG-29B's of Bangladesh Air Force

Bangladesh Air Force has 8 Mig-29 and 16 F-7BG.
The maintenance cost for 8 Mig-29 over 9 years is bdt 222 crore or $31.71 million

Thus for 8 Mig-29 each year flying and maintenance cost is $3.5 million or 24.5
crore taka. 
Two F-7BG's at the runway

In the mean time the maintenance cost for 16 F-7BG is $7.4 Million or 52
crore taka for 4 years. 

Thus making $1.85 million or 13
crore taka.
One BAF F-7BG & Two other BAF A-6 Fantan escorts two USMC's F/A-18C Hornets
Bangladesh Air Force has a budget of $304 million out of $2.12 billion total defense budget.

And the maintenance cost of Mig-29s is 1.15% of The whole budget of BAF.

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