Saturday, December 13, 2014

Australia-India Uranium Deal Under Scrutiny For 'Lack of Safeguards'

Australia‬'s ‪‎uranium‬ ‪deal‬ with ‪India‬ is under scrutiny following the warning of a former chief ‪atomic‬ ‪‎watchdog‬ that the ‪‎treaty did not have all the safeguards necessary to prevent India from fuelling its ‪‎nuclear‬ ‪‎bombs‬.
The treaties committee of ‪Parliament‬ was urged to endorse the deal signed by Australian Prime Minister ‪Tony Abbott‬ in September before exports of uranium can begin, The Age reported. However, John Carlson, former head of Australia's nuclear safeguards organisation, told the parliament committee that the nuclear weapons programme of India is expanding with complex links to non-government reactors.

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