Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lance Naik Imran Khan: A Hero of #PeshawarAttack

Meet legendary unsung hero of this nation. Meet Lance Naik Imran Khan. He joined Pakistan army in 2003 and was allotted artillery corps but from the start he wanted to join Special services group (SSG). After 2 years of service he got enrolled in Zarar company of SSG Its been 10 years he is in SSG, During all this time he never hesitated and was always there on duty. He took part in Dera bughti operation, Manawa Rescue, GHQ Rescue and lastly Peshawar rescue mission.
Lance Naik Imran Khan, the hero who will not be forgotten.
As per his remarks Peshawar rescue mission was the toughest experience of his life. It was a close combat and there were no hostages due to which they didnt have any time to plan out things. Despite all hardships he and his team fought with bravery and valor.

"khoon mei bachu ko dekh kar meine azam kiya ya woh rahen gay ya mein . Alhumdullilah Allah ne aik ankh ki qurbani qabool ki aur Allah ka karam hai hum ne sub ko wahin khatam kr dala "

During this rescue mission he got badly injured. He sacrificed one eye but he was proud and content with his service for the nation.

"When i got hit on my eye i fell down and i asked my comrades to repeat after me i started reciting Kalma and Alhumdulillah i was reciting Kalma when i got fainted ".
Source: Pakistan defence

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