Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tungsten Alloy Penetrators in Al-Khalid Main Battle Tank

Tngsten Alloy core penetrators (APFSDS) for Super Al-Khalid.
The predecessor of Al-Khalid main battle tank (MBT) is 90-II which is developed in China. Al-Khalid MBT is equipped by composite armor and rolling homogenous armor. The tank can perform night operation which is also equipped by thermal imaging system. The main weapon of Al-Khalid MBT is a 125mm caliber smoothbore gun which carrying 39 ammunitions. The smoothbore gun can launch depleted uranium (DU) ammunition, tungsten alloy penetrators, kinetic energy cartridge and high explosive grenade. Otherwise, there are 12.7mm caliber machine gun and 7.62mm caliber machine gun in the tank. 
In recent years, Pakistan Army is modernizing Al-Khalid MBT. They attempt to modernize the tank to the most advanced tank in the world. Al-Khalid MBT is called as Super Al-Khalid MBT after modernization, which is equipped by integrated battle management system (IBMS) and active protection system. For the new design of structure, the armor of new tank can endure the strike from all of 120~125mm caliber anti-tank shells who are on service at present. What’s more, the fire control is more advanced, and the firing rate of main artillery has been improved by 9 shells per minute. Meanwhile, Super Al-Khalid MBT is also equipped by Sagem the third generation thermography made in France, laser sight, anti-tank missile tracking system and Valta electro-optical countermeasures device made in Ukraine.

Source: Chinatungsten Online - http://www.chinatungsten.com

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