Thursday, October 8, 2015

Russian Navy's Cruise Missiles Hits ISIS Targets in Syria

Russian Navy launches cruise missile attacks on takfiri ISIS targets across Syria. From four Russian warships in Caspian Sea navy launched 26 cruise missiles which hits targets after traveling 1,000 miles through Iran & Iraqi territories. 11 high value targets of ISIS positions were targeted, claimed by both Russian & Syrian authorities.

This fresh attacks from Russian Navy marked a new level for Putin's anti-terrorism in Middle East. This attacks came after while western world voicing loudly against this types of campaign of Russian authority. US, EU & other western allies wants Russia to stop this campaign and started shouting that Russia doesn't hits ISIS but attacking all anti-Syrian groups like FSA, Jabhat Al-Nusra & some so-called moderate democratic groups those wants Bashar to go.

Although western hypocrisy it seems that Putin won't stop until Syria got safe from terrorism.

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