Thursday, January 7, 2016

North Korea Tested It's First Thermonuclear Device (Hydrogen Bomb)

North Korea declared that it has successfully tested a thermonuclear device for first time in an underground test facility; basically called a hydrogen bomb - a more powerful weapon than an atomic bomb. This declaration of detonation of Hydrogen Bomb last Tuesday ( January 6, 2016) creates world condemnation about this state's arrogance about ignoring world community's anger.
Quake magnitudes detected near the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test range of North Korean Nuke Test site. Photo: BBC
A quake magnitude of 5.1 detected just near the N. Korea's nuke test site in the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test range by the USGS. Hours after the test North Korean state TV announcement cleared that the isolated communist state tested its first H-bomb, which it calls "the H-bomb of justice". Though Analysts & experts are skeptical whether it's a full-scale thermonuclear device or not, North Korean military sources advice the media that it was a "miniaturized H-bomb".
A picture from North Korean state TV showing leader Kim Jong-un signing the document for the hydrogen bomb test. Photo: BBC
On October 9, 2006, North Korea tested its first atomic device in a site of Punggye-ri Nuclear Test range, Kilju County. After that in 25 May, 2009 & 12 February, 2013 N. Korea tested another two low-yield devices in the same test-range. Those two tests was of, respectively, 2.95 & 6-7 kilotons of TNT strength.

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