Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Questions Which Tangled The Concerns Over Saudi's Proposal To Pakistan For Joining In Yemen Attack

1: Currently FATA, LOC, Indian border, Afghanistan border, Karachi, Siachen & Khuzdar are active fronts which have stretched Pakistan military's capabilities, leading for them to make immense changes in conventional force posture. If the Parliament does approve the deployment of Pakistan Army into either Saudi Arabia or Yemen, it would leave Pakistan Army even more stretched with its resources and manpower. If Pakistan is going to fulfill a capability gap for the Saudi military forces, who will fulfill the gap left by the deployment of Pakistan Army inside Pakistan's own low intensity conflict zones?

Outcome of Saudi Invasion on Yemen: 

2: Would Saudi Arabia and its allies be willing to make a token military contribution to Pakistan's conventional defenses should another war with India breakout?

3: What guarantee there is that India won't take advantage of the Pakistani deployment to the Middle East by being assertive on the border or by teaming up with Iran and Afghanistan to isolate Pakistan as it has always wanted to?

4: What contingency plan does the govt have if such a deployment fuels further sectarianism in Pakistan?

5: What would the govt do if Iran who would be unhappy about such a deployment reactivates its own proxies inside Pakistan to create a situation right here in order to make Pakistan 'pay' for it?

Two non-democratic power grabber. 
6: Why would the govt not specify, in the light of Pakistani national interests what exactly are the objectives for which they want to join this coalition?

7: Why Al-Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula and Daesh haven't yet been targeted in Yemen by the coalition airstrikes?

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