Friday, May 13, 2016

Bangladesh Air Force's Combat Search & Rescue Mission Exercise - 2015

Bangladesh Air Force's Combat Search & Rescue missions are operational responsibilities of the Pioneers of 1 Squadron BAF, Unicorns of 3 Squadron BAF, Trendsetters of 25 Squadron BAF & the Commandos of BAF. Recently they carried out a Combat SAR mission exercise to evaluate and increase force's rescue mission beyond the enemy lines and into the combat zones. 
Related aircrafts, personnel and other resources been used in the exercise to enhance combat capabilities during war time and to save nation's bravest sons from unwanted fate. This exercise should increase the confidence altogether professionalism of this branch of Bangladesh Armed Forces along with Bangladesh Army and Navy also.

Within near future Bangladesh Air Force gonna get 4.5 Generation fighters for the operational requirements with BVR capabilities to safeguard nation's airspace. Most recently BAF got an Agusta Westland AW139 Maritime Search and Rescue Chopper of its own.

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