Friday, May 20, 2016

ISIS Vehicles Being Hunted By Russian Mi-28 Helicopters In Eastern Homs, Syria

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After Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to assist his friend in Syria, President Bashar al-assad, the scenario of the Syrian Civil War changed. By sending Russian Air Force and then Russian Special Operations Forces to Syrian soil to fight deadly terrorism of ISIS/Daesh it changes the faces of the war forever. Russian Air Force's continuous bombing on ISIS positions created devastating situations and forced those inhumane terrorists to pull back! Putin's intervention into Syrian war significantly reduced Daesh's mass killing of innocent civilians across Syria and Iraqi territories this terrorist group captured.

Firslty Russians cleared forward areas those were in ISIS capture and then compelled them to pull back. While Syrian Arab Army holds some ground Russia intensified the air strikes which created havocs for ISIS! They broke the supply chain of ISIS, curtail arms supply and finally made them to gather in holes that Russian fighter jets and Spec Ops Force Spetsnaz along with SyAA can smash these terrorists group forever.

However, most of the western leaders and mainstream media made, and still, crocodiles' tears by shouting that Russians targeting innocent civilians who're not supporting Bashar al-Assad. Kremlin didn't hear it but, proved it that CIA-Mossad-Saudi nexus created and keep alive ISIS and oither Syrian terrorists groups to topple Assad. In fact, Turkey was dealing it with great eagerness to see Assad ousted and handling the whole matter from behind the curtain.

Although, whose are behind ISIS, it's now smashed to death! Definitely credits goes to Putin's Russia! Toppling plan for Assad is now dead but very recently Saudi Foreign Minister al-Jubeir said that Plan-B to oust Assad will be implemented! To whom he threw the threat, we all know! We must wait and see what happens next!

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