Friday, May 20, 2016

Look What Can A Cluster Bomb Do | U.S. Air Force SFW™ CBU-105 Cluster Bomb

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The SFW CBU-105

Textron Systems’ Sensor Fuzed Weapon, SFW™, is a highly effective air-delivered area weapon designed to defeat a wide range of moving and fixed targets on land, at sea and in littoral environments. One SFW can neutralize many targets and do so nearly real time, leaving no evasion time for the adversary. It’s been integrated onto a number of United States and Allied Forces fighter and bomber platforms.

The SFW CBU-105 D/B system exceeds very tight U.S. Department of Defense policy on munitions systems by regulating unexploded ordnance (UXO) to less than one percent. SFW has demonstrated greater than 99 percent reliability by the verified performance in operational testing. Features of this weapon system, combined with self-destruct and self-neutralization, ensure virtually no UXO.


The SFW composed of 10 BLU-108 Submunitions that each carry four Skeet projectile warheads, while every smart Skeets are equipped with dual-mode passive infrareds (IR) and active laser sensors. The BLU-108 Submunitions is capable of integration into other weapons systems for precise engagements of multiple targets.

Once deployed, each smart Skeet warheads sweeps for targets using the IR sensor to identify a thermal signature, while the laser sensor validates the target profile for improved aim point and lethality. When a valid target is detected, the warhead explodes which is a copper explosive.

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