Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Indian Supersonic Interceptor Missile Test Successful | Wheeler Island on May 15, 2016

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India, In its effort to have a full fledged multi-layer Ballistic Missile Defence system, on Sunday successfully test-fired its supersonic interceptor missile, capable of destroying any incoming hostile ballistic missile, from a integrated test range Wheeler Island, off Odisha coast. This project still in developmental phases and the test named "AAD-06".

"The test conducted to validate various parameters of the interceptor in flight mode has been successful," DRDO sources said.

Interceptor missiles are designed to take over and collide with the incoming Ballistic Missiles of hostile power through ballistic trajectory, and ultimately explode up in the atmosphere before reaching its intended targets.

Pakistan, the arch rival of India, paid grave concerns over the test. And vows to take this issue in the global forums.

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