Thursday, May 19, 2016

U.S. Navy X-47B UCAS-D Successful Aerial Refuelling Test: Video Compilation

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Under United States Navy's Unmanned Carrier Launched Surveilance and Strike system or UCLASS program, the X-47B of Navy had acomplished the tests. Navy's UCAS-D's carrier flight tests and aerial refuelling tests from the USS Theodore Roosevelt which is known also as CVN-71 was very successful. This aircraft and the ground control systems along with all other systems developed by the Northrop Grummen. Through the extensive flight tests Navy expecting the system's operational induction during 2020 time frame.

Aerial refueling tests of X-47B enhances the opportunities of the Navy to reduce manned aircrafts in the battle field. X-47B conducts it's Autonomous Aerial Refuelling from an Omega Tanker! 

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