Thursday, May 19, 2016

Russian Hypersonic Missile Test: Hypersonic Weapons Race Gone Hyper (Video)

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Russia just conducted a flight test of a revolutionary hypersonic glide vehicle for the purpose of delivering nuclear or conventional warheads penetrating highly advanced missile defenses systems.

The test firing of the hypersonic glider took place from eastern 
Russia involving the launch of an SS-19 intercontinental ballistic missile. Russia’s state-run Interfax news agency confirmed the test on Thursday.

Pentagon spokeswoman agrees the news but declined to comment on. Only two tests are known about this new hypersonic glider while the first test took place last year.

China and the United States also are developing hypersonic missiles, both gliders and jet-powered vehicles that travel at extreme speeds.

China has conducted six tests of its DF-ZF hypersonic glider. A U.S. Army hypersonic missile blew up shortly after launch in August 2014.  The Pentagon also is developing a scramjet-powered hypersonic weapon.

Hypersonic missiles are being developed to defeat increasingly sophisticated missile defenses. The weapons are designed for use in rapid, long-range strikes.

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