Monday, November 24, 2014

A Big Punch: Snapshot of The Potential Pakistan - Russian Relationship

A listfull of recent Pak-Russia relationship elements:

Pakistan has signed a milestone defense pact with Russian federation which may entail the following. 

* Acquisition of Mi-35 Hind-E assault helicopters for SSG's Special Operations Task Force.

* Joint Counter-terrorism training of Special Ops units

* Joint Air Force training

* Pakistan will participate in Russian tank warfare competition

* Russia will be allowed to have regular port calls and docking at Pakistani ports

* Russia has elevated Pakistan from category D to B for arms sales.

* Smooth supply of RD-93 turbofan engines and its upgraded MA variants for JF-17 Thunder aircrafts.

* Pakistan has just established an upgrade and overhaul facility for its Mi-17 helis, which Russians will help with.

* Both states have agreed to work together in Afghanistan to make sure another civil war doesn't take place

* On economic side, Russia is interested in building a gas pipeline from Nawabshah city of Sindh to Gwadar in Balochistan which will be connected with Iran when the sanctions on Iran are lifted.

* Russia is also interested in rebuilding Pakistan's steel mills, helping with Railways and in building the Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India gas pipeline.

* Russia will also invest in Pakistan's oil and gas exploration sector which is seeing increased activity.

* Increase in bilateral trade which currently stands at just $542 million.

Source: Pakistan Defence.

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