Sunday, November 16, 2014

Y-20 To Use More Powerful Turbofan Engine

One Chinese Internet image displays that a newly developed Chinese indigenous turbofan engine has been installed on one IL-76 test platform. This indicates that China’s WS-20 Turbofan engine project is going to be finished, which will provide a more powerful engine for Y-20 to upgrade load performance. Now Y-20′s engine is Soloviev D-30KP-2 (WS-18) engine.

A Y-20 model with 4 new engines

More powerful engine testing on a Y-20

In an recent interview of “People Daily” (overseas edition), Chen Maozhang(陈懋章), one Chinese aviation engine expert, confidently says that Y-20 airlifter will definitely use Chinese turbofan engine which is now in rapid development. The report also says that China is developing new generation “Taihang” turbofan engine. Besides, some Analysts believe that the new Y-20 engine is a hybrid of WS-10 “Taihang” and CFM-56.

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