Monday, July 22, 2013

LCA 'Tejas' Financials

LCA 'Tejas' Financials
R&D:USD 480m to 700m
Unit Cost: USD 17m-26m

Wing span: [Link pending approval]
Height: [Link pending approval]
length: [Link pending approval]

Operational Figures
Speed: [Link pending approval]
Ceiling: 16,400m
Range: 840km
Inflight refueling: Yes
G Limit: 9 / [Link pending approval]
Weight (take off): 8500kg
Weapons load: 4000kg

Kaveri GTX-35VS
Fire Control Radar GE AN/APG 67C multi mode
Astra(BVR,>100km) ,R-73RDM2
Short AAM Magic2/AA8/AA10

Important Dates
Project started on: 1985
First test flight: Jan 4th, 2001
Serial Production: 2010
Induction: Nos 200+

How does compare with the F-16?

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