Thursday, July 11, 2013

20th Erieye Radar System Delivered

With 20 systems produced, Erieye is by far the most successful modern AEW radar on the market today.
From the Saab plant in Gothenburg, Sweden, the 20th Erieye radar system has rolled out, ready to proceed to the next phase, installation on aircraft and final testing.
“This is a milestone in the on-going production and we are proud that seven countries around the world now have selected Erieye. Although it may look the same for an unaccustomed eye on the outside, the inside is newly developed, using our spiral development process. Despite this, we have delivered on time again” says Erik Winberg, Director Product Management AirborneSurveillance.
The Erieye radar, an Airborne Early Warning radar, is the first of its kind using AESA technology. Designed for use together with regional aircraft, it is today operational on three platforms.
The multi-role radar detects and automatically tracks air and surface targets over a huge area, covering 900 km in range. It is designed to track the smallest object in the air as well on the sea surface.
The applications are both military and for national security, where the use of the system in Brazil and Mexico for anti-drug operations is one example.

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