Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pic of the day: Close up of China's J-31 stealth fighter

Happy Monday. We're celebrating the nicest day of 2013 so far in Washington by showing you the most high-res photo of China's J-31 stealth fighter we've ever seen.

The J-31 is China's second, smaller stealth fighter after its J-20. The J-31 strongly resembles a cross between Lockheed Martin's F-22 Raptor and its F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Some speculate that the J-31 is being built as a smaller attack jet meant to compliment the large J-20 -- a plane that may be a high-speed interceptor meant to keep enemy planes far from China's shores. Others think the J-31 could be China's attempt to build a carrier-based stealth fighter given its small size and dual-wheeled nose landing gear. Though, as you can see in this photo, Chinese engineers clearly have yet to add a tail hook to the jet. Despite the close-up nature of this shot, we still can't make out the outlines of the J-31's weapons bays. Though we do notice a pair of what look like rather unstealthy, circular running lights on the bottom of the wingtips

Enjoy, and get out of the office already if you live in DC.

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