Sunday, July 14, 2013

Saab still taking part in Brazil’s FX-2 Program

The [FX-2] tender process for Brazil has been going on since June 2008. The Brazilian Air Force has now clarified that the process will continue according to plan.
“Saab welcomes the opportunity to propose the Gripen fighter in a transparent tender,” says Saab CEO Åke Svensson.

Gripen is a very competitive fighter aircraft on the market, both regarding price and performance. Gripen NG will provide a long term partnership between Brazil and Sweden in a well established fighter programme that continues to develop. Gripen will maintain its position at the cutting edge of technology for the next 30-40 years.

In February 2009, Saab handed over a tender for 36 Gripen Next Generation (NG) to the Brazilian Air Force Air Command. Saab has a competitive offer, providing a complete solution for Brazil. In addition, Saab offers a strong industrial co-operation package, with positive effects on the national defence industry, such as the direct involvement in the development, production, and maintenance of the aircraft.

Gripen NG will also generate transfer of key technology, which will allow full involvement in future capability development supplying Brazil strategic long term national security and technology superiority.

About Gripen Next Generation Gripen NG is the next generation Gripen, an enhanced version of the well established multirole fighter which has proven low acquisition, operation, and support costs. The Gripen NG programme covers development of avionics and all major sensors, including AESA radar. The aircraft will have increased thrust, increased payload, and extended range.

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