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F-15J ASDF loses the tail piece during air show Leia mais (Read More): F-15J da ASDF perde pedaço da cauda durante show aéreo | Poder Aéreo - Informação e Discussão sobre Aviação Militar e Civil

November 30, 2009 in Aviation Accidents , Weapons Systems , Technology , by Alexandre Galante

A fighter F-15J 's Air Self-Defense Force (ASDF) Japan's lost a piece of the front horizontal stabilizer during air show on Sunday (29.11). The fragment of 2.4 m appears in the video above falling off the plane. In the photo to the right stabilizer of hunting after the accident.
 F-15J broken tail plane

The ASDF began an immediate inspection of its fleet of 202 F-15s, which will be "groundeados" until the scan is complete.
The pre-flight was normally performed and revealed no problems and the ASDF is investigating.
SOURCE : The Mainichi Daily News

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