Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pakistan’s underwater force stronger than India: Report

India currently possesses seven to eight conventional submarines only while Pakistan has five relatively new conventional submarines to set up against the enemy in addition to six more advanced vessels it aims to obtain from China, The Times Of India reported.

Agosta-90 B Submarines PNSM Khalid
The operational problems with the Indian Navy aggregated after INS Sindhurakshak sank at its berth in Mumbai Naval Dock after a series of explosions on August 14 killing 18 navy personnel.

“Extensive checks on weapon-related safety systems and audit of standard operating procedures (SOPs) on all operational submarines have been ordered,” said defense minister AK Antony.

The minister did not comment on the prevailing capabilities of india’s underwater combat. The Indian Navy is in service with 13 aging diesel-electric submarines only, 11 of which are two decades old. The long awaited submarine construction projects are now being pushed that are delayed due to the political and bureaucratic apathy.

As a result of international treaties, the only nuclear-powered submarine INS Chakra is also not armed with nuclear-tipped, says The Times Of India.

On the contrary, Pakistan Navy is the first force in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) to have submarines equipped with air-independent propulsion (AIP) in the shape of three French Agosta-90B vessels.

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