Monday, January 20, 2014

Turkey looking partner the KF-X Program

The Korea Times reported last Wednesday, September 8, that Turkey has been showing interest in joining the development program of the KF-X fighter, South Korea The program has won investment from Indonesia, according to the newspaper.
KF-X Fighter
Gen. Choi Cha-kyu, director general of bureal aircraft programs of DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration - Program Management Defense Acquisition), during a forum held at the South Korean city of Gyeongju. According to Major General to Turkey runs about 180 F-16s and are considering, seriously, participation in the KF-X program to replace the old with new fighters, around 2020.

Choi Cha-kyu also said that the KF-X program, which began in 2002 but postponed for technical and financial problems, should start again next year, with the consent of authorities involved in the budget.

Industry sources said that Turkey's participation in the project could result in a swap deal: Turkey wants South Korea to consider the T-129 helicopter, under development for the Turkish Army, as a candidate for the AH-purchase program X, heavy attack helicopters.

The KF-X program seeks to develop a site similar game to the latest versions of F-16, circa 2022.South Korea will fund 60% of development costs, estimated at 5 trillion won (approximately $ 4.2 billion, or 7.3 billion reais). The rest should be financed by foreign nations or defense companies, sharing the risks.

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