Thursday, January 23, 2014

Russia still relies on nuclear triad - Putin

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has said that the nuclear triad, a three-legged nuclear capability that is traditionally comprised of strategic bombers, intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine-based ballistic missiles, continues to be the bedrock of the country's military defense.

The president today spoke before an assembly of physics and engineering students at a prominent Russian institute. When asked on the country's defense priorities, Putin said they were primarily focused on preserving the nuclear triad.

"I personally believe that the day will come when the human race will give up nuclear weapons, but it's nowhere in sight, meaning that not only Russia but also many other countries still have nuclear arsenals."

"They [nuclear powers] are not going to scrap these weapons yet. It would be strange for the Russian Federation to take such a step in this climate, because such a move would lead to dire consequences both for our country and our people," Putin said.

Vladimir Putin highlighted a number of other defense priorities, including developing new communication systems, technical reconnaissance, space technologies and high-precision weapons.

He told students that Russia would continue to rely on its Air Force and Navy and added that a focus would be necessary on applied and fundamental sciences, such as the science of materials.

Putin believes humanity will give up nukes, but not yet

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he believes the day will come when the human race will scrap its nuclear weapons arsenals – but it is not in the offing yet.

Speaking before an audience of engineering and physics students in Moscow, the Russian leader said: “I personally believe that humanity will eventually give up nuclear weapons, but this day is nowhere in sight.”

He also said that Russia would never dismantle its nuclear warheads unilaterally, since this step might have dire repercussions for the country.

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