Monday, December 14, 2015

Artificial Cloud Effect Technology Will Make Russian Ballistic Missiles to Become Invisible

The Russian Defense Ministry’s Innovation Day demonstrated the latest weapons and how it will replenish the country’s military arsenals.
Artificial Cloud.
One such innovation is the aerosol generator that will be used in creating artificial clouds, reliably hiding the mobile missile systems. The composition of the aerosol is chosen in such a way that the artificial cloud would make the strategic mobile complexes ‘Topol’ and ‘Yars’ invisible to the human eye and to all other technology.

A new method of camouflaging was introduced during the show: a technology of creating false divisions of ‘Yars’ mobile complexes using holograms. The huge holographic images are created by special laser installations identical to missile systems in their dimensions.

The resulting image can create holographic decoys, and may disguise real launchers in the background of the surrounding area.

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