Friday, December 4, 2015

Aselsan Wins Turkish Tank Protection System Contract

Military electronics specialist Aselsan, Turkey’s biggest defense firm, said Nov. 30 it has signed a $54 million contract with the Turkish government to produce and deliver an indigenous system designed to protect tanks and armored vehicles from anti-tank rockets and missiles.
The AKKOR system is designed to protect the indigenous Altay main battle tank and other armored vehicles from anti-tank rockets and missiles.
Since 2008, Aselsan has been developing what it dubs the “Active Protection System,” known by its Turkish acronym AKKOR. The company has been testing the system’s radar, mission computer and ammunition.

AKKOR is designed to detect tank-targeting rockets and missiles and hit them in midair, Aselsan said. The system is designed for the Altay, a new-generation battle tank Turkey has been developing, but it can also be fitted to various types of armored vehicles.

“This is a capability few armies in the world possess,” the company said. 

The system provides tanks and other vehicles with a 360-degree shield of protection. The sensors in the system are designed to work like “mini radars,” Aselsan said.

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