Sunday, December 20, 2015

French Land Weapons Company NEXTER Offering Upgraded Version of "Caesar-155mm" Cannon for Export

French land weapons specialist Nexter drew on lessons learned by the French Army's overseas deployment of the Caesar to develop an export version of the truck-mounted cannon, a company spokeswoman said.
Export version of Nexter Caesar with a 8*8 armored vehicle. 
Nexter displayed at the DSEI trade show the 155mm, 52-caliber artillery piece fitted on an extended eight-wheel drive chassis, longer and heavier than the six-wheel drive version the French Army deployed in Afghanistan and Mali.

The proposed export model is heavier, reflecting an armored cabin, carrying more fuel and 30 shells compared to the present 18.
Caesar-155mm in an undisclosed mountains.

That extended version is intended for deployment by road rather than flown in by air transport. There is a tweet on the Internet with a photograph of a Saudi National Guard deployment of the Caesar “near Yemen.”

The Caesar in the French Army is fitted on a Renault chassis, reflecting a preference for a domestic supplier, while export customers can pick foreign suppliers such as Mercedes Unimog. Nexter teamed with Ashok Leyland for a six-wheel chassis in an Indian artillery tender.

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