Sunday, December 13, 2015

Russian Mechanised Divisions Going to be Invisible, Blust-Proof

A unique material developed by Russian engineers effectively protects armored vehicles against antitank grenades while simultaneously making them invisible to enemy radar, Russian media wrote on Saturday.
T-14 Armata MBT at "Victory Day Parade" of Russia. 
The Mantle, developed by the Institute of Steel, which is part of the Tractor Factories Concern, consists of a screen with dynamic protection elements, which is placed 50 millimeters to 1,500 millimeters ahead of the protected object, Novosti VPK defense website reported.

When hit by an antitank grenade the screen’s low-density surface prevents it from blowing up with its discreet protective elements destroying the grenade fuse’s electrical circuit.

Simultaneously, the Mantle partially destroys the grenade’s cumulative element. As a result, when hitting the tank’s main armor, the grenade either fails to explode or its armor-piercing ability is significantly undermined.

As to the Mantle’s stealth capability, it makes tanks and infantry fighting vehicles six times less visible to enemy radar and three times less detectible in the infrared spectrum.

The Mantle is installed and uninstalled in a matter of just a few minutes and requires no additional training.

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