Monday, December 14, 2015

Russia Being Sensitive Regarding Supplying Arms to Kabul

Recently top Russian diplomat in Kabul, Zamir Kabulov, said Moscow reviewing Afganistan's request for attack choppers and allied arms supply with careful thoughts and reasoning. He also added that its the primary task for United States and other Coalition Forces' to equip afgan security forces as they're now taking care of maximum security issues but being failed mostly. Very recent Taliban attack on Kunduz, top most important northern city, proved that lethality and fighting capabilities of Taliban not decreasing but its increasing.
Mi-25 HIND Attack Helicopter. 
From lessons of Pakistan's Operation Zerb-e-Azbs' successes afgan authorities gained knowledge that attack helicopters are more effective in the fight against insurgents. Due to the highly mountainous characteristics of Afganistan its getting harder for Afgan national security forces to win against Taliban. Hence Kabul urging Moscow for long range, effective weapons platforms. 

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