Sunday, November 22, 2015

TAI Gozcu: Turkish Observer Drone

TAI Gozcu is a short-range tactical reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition Unmanned Aerial System. 

Details regarding this UAS are as:

Manufacturer: TAI-TUSAS Aerospace Industries Inc.
Powerplant: 1x Wankel 38hp engine.
Dimensions: length: 2.45m, height: 0.66m, wingspan: 3.75m. 
Weight: MTOW 85kg, max payload 8kg.
Performance: speed 100kt, endurance > 2hr, ceiling up to 12,000ft. 
Payload: two-axis gimbaled EO/IR camera.
Data Link: real-time telemetry and video.
Guidance/Tracking: fully autonomous, GPS integrated waypoint navigation.
Launch: catapult launcher. 
Recovery: parachute or skid.
Structure Material: delta wing, v-tail, all-composite airframe.
Electrical Power: rechargeable battery pack.
Status: in production.

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